Southwestern Europe
Regional Contest

November 20-21, 2010


Universidad Complutense


SWERC 2010 Registration

Registration Dates and Fees

The registration period is July 19, 2010 to November 7, 2010.

The registration fee is 40,00 € per contestant. Fees cover contest participation, shirts, food for the contest weekend (without breakfast, which can be included with accommodation) and contest kits. Coaches do not pay a registration fee; only contestants and guests must pay.

Team Registration Steps

Check eligibility first; your university has to be in the SWERC region and all team members have to fulfill the requirements of the eligibility diagram as stated in the Regulation's section.

Register as coach at and register your team for SWERC 2010.

Then send us your registration and accommodation information (use this form). After completion of the these registration steps, the Regional Contest Director will accept your team.


One hotel is suggested by the organization: NH Zurbano. There will be a shuttle service between this hotel and the contest venue.

Prices per night (breakfast included):

2-bed rooms (40 available): 92,45 € (78,62 € single occupancy).

3-bed rooms (10 available): 120,53 €.

Room availability will be guaranteed until October 31st. Our administrative services will contact you in order to get a credit card number to secure your room reservation. This will also speed up the check-out process. There will be no charges until check-out at the hotel.

After October 31st participants will have to book the rooms directly with the hotel, or find another hotel nearby.

For special needs, please contact